10 Reasons New Year’s Eve Isn’t Worth the Hype

By Beth Leipholtz

In the past five years, my New Year’s Eve activities have ranged from staying home, to partying with high school friends, to babysitting (tip: parents pay well because it’s tough to get a NYE babysitter). I’ve never been set on going out and getting smashed, even before getting sober almost two years ago (okay, there was that one time I got smashed — but come on, it’s a rite of passage).

This year my plans aren’t anything huge either, as I am going to a small concert with my boyfriend (more fun than babysitting, I’ll admit). Sure, I’m excited. But I’d be equally excited if it wasn’t New Year’s Eve because A) It’s a night out B) It’s with someone I enjoy spending time with and C) It’s to see a band of which I am a fan.

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