9 Moments From “Mockingjay” That Could Be Very Depressing On Film

the-hunger-games-catching-fire-comic-con-trailer1. Katniss succumbs to PTSD and Depression

It seems that, just about from her arrival to District 13, which can be described as a subterranean society that is sort of a rebel commune ruled by the hard-fisted President Coin (Julianne Moore). Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) succumbs to PTSD leading to an all-encompassing depression over the loss of Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) to the Capitol. She plays puppet, rather than an active role in freeing Peeta . . . or active role in anything else, for that matter. This makes it difficult for anyone to sympathize with Katniss who comes off as self-absorbed, rather than someone who actually just needs more to do.2. Johanna, Finnick, and especially Effie . . . where the heck are they?
Even though their scenes are pretty good, Johanna and Finnick’s characters seem to take the backseat in Mockingjay compared to their larger than life presence in Catching Fire. This pales in comparison, though, to the off-screen jailing of Effie (Elizabeth Banks), and is only mentioned in the very end of the film. These characters should not have been sidelined like that, especially since the first two films allowed for the plot to expand beyond Katniss’ point of view.3. Peeta is “hijacked,” tortured, and tries murdering Katniss . . . !
When the Capitol captures Peeta, they televise him in order to get him to ask Katniss to stop fighting against the rebels. Instead, he finds a way to warn District 13 of the attack planned against them. There’s a scream and blood is shed. Peeta is eventually rescued, but he is brainwashed against Katniss, hates her so much that he wants to kill her, and tries killing her over and over again. The message here is war is horrific.
4. Katniss and Gale are no longer romantic interests and drift apart.
Honestly, we’ve been expecting this to happen because it borders on the edge of realism. We’ve spent two movies watching them gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, and now we’ll watch them bicker without really talking things through. That’s depressing. Katniss should go to Gale for some comfort and, if Gale happens to have no shirt on, all the better.

5. Finnick is dead!
Okay, this sucks, but it won’t happen until the second movie. We all know people we love die during war and we all know Finnick sacrifices himself in order to save Peeta, Katniss and the rest of Squad 451. That doesn’t prevent it from feeling like a pointless part of the book, though. I’m not saying it was a pointless part of the war . . . I saying it was the kind of pointlessness that made me want to throw the book across the room. The whole thing needed more meaning.

6. The Squad’s mission had no role in the war’s ending.
Katniss is sent into the Capitol with a squad of elite soldiers, but their efforts have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the war. Katniss could have stayed right where she was, had no part of the whole thing, and it would have pretty much ended in the same way. We know war sucks, but we also know soldiers do make a difference.

7. Prim is killed, Gale is likely the murderer.
The whole reason Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games was to spare the life of Prim. The death of Prim was an unexpected plot twist that likely clinched this billion dollar franchise but, at the same time, made every fan say, “what the heck?!?” The only solution to this disappointment is not to kill Prim, but that is not happening. Unfortunately.

8. President Snow isn’t killed by Katniss, she kills President Coin instead, and Snow just dies off screen instead.
Katniss has some cold logic here. She can see that Snow is just as bad as Coin, so she had to do the deed now. However, after she kills Coin, she goes batcrap crazy and tries killing herself. Following that, she dives into drug-induced catatonia which, by all counts, clears her of all charges. It’s a miracle. Are you KIDDING me?!? The only solution I see here is, if she’s going to kill one why not kill both? And don’t get me started with the singing to herself in the nuthouse….or the not bathing. No. Just…no.

9. Even though he’s tried killing her, Katniss ends up with Peeta, and they disappear into the ashes of District 12 to live with their children.
They take on no role to rebuilding their country; they just leave. She doesn’t think at all about the fact that this man was brainwashed into killing her. She doesn’t give any thought over the fact that she never-ever wanted to have children…ever. I guess that means, even after all the destruction, there is still room for hope and healing?

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