Baby Boomers Let’s Fight Back!

By David Kanegis

We’ve now had the opportunity to view debates from both major parties. Not to worry, with the election almost a year away there will be countless more. Did anything change for you?

Whether you’re a Liberal, Conservative, Progressive, Moderate… it doesn’t matter. The question remains the same. Is your government working for you? How satisfied are you with the politicians of either party?

As Baby Boomers we’ve lived through decades of partisan politics. We’ve been led by Republicans and Democrats. Here’s my question for you; have your needs been met?

I’m not a political writer. So as I reflect back over the last thirty years or so I possess a fairly unbiased perspective. My beliefs seem to reflect those of many of my contemporaries. Bottom line: no matter which party is in power my peers and I never seem to reap great tangible benefits.

I’m not referring to whether I save a bit of money in taxes or my social views are slowly being met. But rather if the overall quality of life in America has improved.

Through the years as I read reports that unemployment is down, or interest rates are at their lowest I’ve found very little that impacts my life.

I’m happy when legislation is passed that helps those in need and addresses issues like poverty and anything that advances us as caring and concerned human beings.When we are that kinder gentler nation we are a better and stronger one. Certainly we are making progress in some areas and that’s great.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that our political system seems to breed lifelong politicians whose main desire is to keep their party in power rather than represent ‘we the people.’ As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more resentful of this.

Of course it’s great that we’ve made tremendous achievements in technology and medicine. We’re living longer and some but not most are living better lives.

However, the reality is that politics has overtaken humanity.

We all have our own beliefs and I am one who respects people’s views no matter how much they differ from mine… as long as they are humane and life affirming. Beyond that I believe it’s time for Baby Boomer’s to take a stand.

Tonight we listened to a Republican debate. Recently a Democratic one. Did you see much difference in the big picture? Certainly there was diversity and lots of promises. What do your years of experience tell you? Do you really expect the political landscape of our nation is going to change dramatically? Think there will be a groundswell of activity and our nation will be transformed?

Do you believe our children and grandchildren will be better off as the years fly by? If you do great! If you don’t why not take action! It’s your responsibility!

I wish I could suggest what we might consider doing but I’m not sure. I wonder what would happen if we all took courage and refused to pay taxes until we …read more

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