Daryl Dixon Was In The Music Video For ‘Fake Plastic Trees’

By Lily Karlin

Today, two things you hold near and dear to your heart collide: “Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus was once in the music video for Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees.”

Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on the hit zombie show, a fan-favorite character whose sexuality had been the subject of much speculation until last month, when show creator Robert Kirkman confirmed Daryl was straight.

“Fake Plastic Trees” is one of the most iconic rock songs of the ’90s band, and the music video will really take you back. (As further evidence of the song’s omnipresence, it’s the one Josh is listening to in “Clueless” when Cher disses his college “cry-baby music” taste.)

As Uproxx notes, the best times to snag a peak at the actor are 2:43, 3:05, and 4:19. Who could have predicted that future stardom would await?

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