Davina McCall: ‘I’d NEVER wear shorts until now!’

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TV’s finest Davina McCall tells us how she’s fallen in love with her legs and will do ANYTHING to stay trim

It’s hard to believe Davina McCall celebrated her 50th birthday last October. We’ve been interviewing the mum-of-three for more years than we’d care to remember, and we can honestly say we’ve never seen her looking better.

The former Big Brother host announced that she had called time on her 17-year marriage to Matthew Robertson back in November, vowing to make their children – daughters Tilly, 14, Holly, 16 and son Chester, 11 – their ‘number one priority’.


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When we caught up with her to talk all things health and fitness, she tells us she’s gone from a size 10-12 to a lean 10, and says that after years of hiding her legs under trousers she’s finally learnt to love them.

Davina credits her friend and fitness expert Sarah Gorman with helping to bring about the change, and after falling in love with Sarah’s motivational exercise classes, she chose to work with her on her new DVD, Toned in 10.

Hi Davina! Tell us about the DVD – what’s new?

It’s called Toned in 10 and it’s a real mixture of fitness styles. There’s some cardio in there, plus exercises that will help
you tone up and build core strength. There’s a whole 10 minutes just on glutes and it’s so targeted. After I first did it I was struggling to sit down and
I haven’t felt like that for years.

Then there are sections on legs, arms, and stomach – the whole lot. I worked on the DVD with an incredible lady called Sarah Gorman, whose classes I go to.

Why did you chose Sarah?

She’s an amazing inspiration.
I did these classes with Sarah and I thought she was so good and really knew her stuff and everyone else raved about her. Somebody who teaches a class is so good at teaching on a DVD because it’s what they do day in, day out.

They know all the teaching points, they know what to say and they know how to encourage people. When Sarah says ‘well done’ I want
to jump up and down and say ‘thank you!’ It’s absolutely ridiculous but you just want
to please her.

And she’s not in bad shape!

My God, she is so bloody fit. I did the Great North Run with her last year and she was ridiculous – just like a gazelle.

Is there a dance element to the DVD?

There’s some great music – it was so important to me that I ended up paying half the costs so we could get the right songs.

There are some dance-based moves, and Sarah incorporates ballet moves. I’m not a ballet dancer – well, I’m not a dancer full stop – …read more

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