Gemma Collins stuns fans in bum skimming mini dress and knee-high boots

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The TOWIE star hit back at claims she Photoshopped her images

Gemma Collins has always claimed to fly the flag for curvy girls everywhere. Who can forget when she confronted her ex-boyfriend Arg and with a slap of her bum claimed: ‘You ain’t ever getting this candy?’

But the 36-year old has found herself facing criticism after she was accused of Photoshopping images on her Instagram to make herself appear skinnier.


Taking to Instagram today, the TOWIE star decided to hit back with a very steamy video. Flaunting her curves in a bum skimming dress, Gemma captions the footage: ‘So girls just to say this video has no app no slimming filter no nothing just SASS confidence and CURVES rock your body your way #beyourownkindofbeautiful.’

Gemma paired her short dress with a pair of sexy thigh-high boots. Her fans showered her with praise. One wrote: ‘Love how confident you are Gemma! Wish I had as much confidence as you!!’

One said: ‘Good for you @gemmacollins1 I’m sick of seeing all these photshop filtered photos of bones ! Lol’ And another added: ‘@gemmacollins1 you are beautiful inside and out #mytowiefav.’

Gemma Collins hits back at accusations that she ‘photoshopped’ weight loss pictures

This isn’t the first time Gemma has hit back at claims she’s Photoshopped her images.

Gemma, 36, took the time to confront the speculation about her figure in a recent column – and although she denies using Photoshop, she has made use of other apps and angle tricks to enhance her looks.

‘I was accused of Photoshopping a selfie on Instagram to make me look thinner,’ she began. ‘I didn’t Photoshop it, but all women use an app here and there to make themselves look a bit better. Who doesn’t?!’

She added: ‘‘I’m proud that I’ve kept off the 11lbs I lost after Sugar Free Farm – I’m currently a size 20 thanks to ditching fizzy drinks.’

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