Here’s Why 2014 Was A Great Year For Nachos

By Alison Spiegel

Looking back on 2014, it was a great year in food. We saw some seriously stellar recipes from food bloggers, some incredibly inventive ice cream flavors, some jaw-dropping slow cooker recipes and some marvelous moments in pizza. Here at HuffPost Taste we built a waffle ice cream tower cake that brought us to our knees, we zoodled, and we learned how to brew coffee like a hipster. Some of our favorite moments in food from this year had nothing to do with new discoveries or food trends, however. They centered around one of the indisputably perfect foods we know: nachos.

We like to call ourselves nacho freaks here at HuffPost Taste. They make the ideal comfort food, party platter and late night snack. We like ’em simple, with nothing but chips and cheese, or loaded, with everything from beer braised chili to baby back ribs on top. In 2014, we saw a lot of superior nachos, and we can only hope 2015 delivers like this year did.

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