Katie Price’s bank balance could look healthier…

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According to insiders close to the former glamour model, ‘she’s working herself into the ground’…

Katie Price on ITV’s Loose Women, London 17 May 2017
After years of book deals, calendar shoots, reality shows and personal appearances, Katie Price has built an empire to rival the biggest names in showbiz. But could her expensive spending habits be driving her to the brink of financial meltdown?
Kate’s a business-savvy woman, no question, so it’s unlikely that she’s put all her eggs in one basket – but two of her enterprises show that they’re worth less than £100,000 combined – could Katie be living beyond his means? After all, Katie’s love of the good life won’t come cheap.
A close friend of the Loose Women star explained: ‘Katie has been a director of loads of companies over the years. The ones she’s active in now don’t seem to be performing on paper, but she’s still spending like she always did.
‘She’s a hard worker and has never been workshy. She’s going on tour, trying to launch a music career, doing the reality TV show and shooting a Christmas calendar.’
Not too surprisingly, Katie’s often tired and that, as with any other couple, can lead to arguments with husband Kieran Hayler, 30. Our insider adds: ‘When they clash about finances, it always comes back to one thing – her ex Peter Andre made a fortune and contributed a huge amount of money to the relationship. Kieran can’t begin to compete with that.
‘Katie’s always looking to make money,’ our source continues. ‘She’s just registered a new online business called KP Boutique to sell clothes and items associated with her brand. But it’s very early days.’
One of her companies, KDC trading, appears to have just £9k of funds left , while another, KP Bling, looks to have assets of only £100. Obviously she has plenty of other business interests on the go, so let’s hope the other ones are still raking in the millions.
The source adds: ‘For years, with all her books, perfumes and shows, Katie was raking in an absolute fortune. She still does well compared to the normal person, but you might wonder how well the businesses she’s been a director of really do.’
And Katie, 39, has still got the spending bug – as recently as March she forked out £40k for a flash car for Kieran’s birthday. Running the couple’s home costs over £10,000 a month and there are other enormous costs involved in her lifestyle, too.
‘Katie’s been putting herself under massive pressure to be the breadwinner and she works so hard that she’s running herself into the ground. Kieran can’t make anything near the money that Pete was bringing in. He feels she’s still living the kind of lifestyle she could afford when she was with Pete.’ For Katie’s sake, we hope those days of earning such enormous amounts aren’t a thing of the past…
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