‘Kylie Jenner gone wrong!’ The internet reacts to Charlotte Crosby’s lips

By Lucy Gornall

Charlotte Crosby’s lips are looking a little fuller…

Charlotte Crosby has shocked fans with her latest pouty photo. The former Geordie Shore star took to Instagram on Friday morning and uploaded a photo of herself with boyfriend Stephen Bear. Whilst of course she is looking hawwwt, Charlotte’s lips are looking a tad fuller than usual.

The northern lass has spoken out before about having lip injections, revealing that she gets them done every five or six months ‘at a place in Newcastle’.

Major Photoshop fail? Charlotte Crosby accused of editing her bum to look bigger in THIS picture


A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on Mar 10, 2017 at 1:39am PST

Fans have gone wild over the photo. One user said: ‘Your lips starting to look like kylie jenner challenge gone wrong, you still beautiful though.’

Yes, we definitely agree Charlotte still looks gorgeous! In fact, Charlotte has commented on Kylie’s lips before stating that she was getting her lips done ‘way before Kylie Jenner even got trendy’.

Another one of of Ms Crosby’s fans commented on the photo and wrote: ‘This is what you end up looking like when you pump shite into your face that you don’t need ! Poor girl looks ridiculous,’ and another added: ‘we all know what happened to Pete burns lips from too many fillers 😱.’


Other fans simply wrote: ‘Your lips are falling apart babes,’ and ‘You look swollen and tense. it’s not cute.. just waste of money. Spend money on your HAIR, clothes, nails, makeup. but lips are awful 😷.’

But of course, Charlotte had plenty of people defending her. One Instagram user noticed that Charlotte’s lips might not have settled yet.

‘She may have JUST HAD HER LIPS REFILLED! So they would be swollen and not softened down yet which makes them appear like duck lips, fat caterpillars even, until they have settled.’

Charlotte Crosby’s ex-boyfriend Ash Harrison SLAMS her lip fillers

Another of Charlotte’s loyal supporters also commented on the fact that the photo isn’t about her lips. They wrote: ‘Tbh lips or no lips charlottes fucking hilarious lol so does it even really matter? Most of us are only following her cause we love her off gshore so what’s with all the hate lmao.’

Either way, we reckon Charlotte looks good with our without lip fillers.

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