Meet Him In Temecula: @MyTweetsRealAF Addresses Viral Twitter Beef

By Chris Branch

On Christmas day, two popular Twitter users — @SnottieDrippen and @MyTweetsRealAF — began arguing online about the value of aging Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. @SnottieDrippen does not think Bryant is a great basketball player anymore. To put it mildly, @MyTweetsRealAF disagrees.

The debate quickly escalated and ended with @MyTweetsRealAF, whose real name is David, driving 30 minutes from his home in Riverside, California, to nearby city Temecula to “engage in fisticuffs” with @SnottieDrippen. The latter was, in fact, not in Temecula, but by then the beef had already gone viral. It was popular enough to inspire David to record a diss track on Monday over the beat for Lil Wayne’s hit single, “Believe Me.”

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Source: More Fitness

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