Our Prediction For 2015 Is That Most Economic Predictions Will Suck

By Jason Linkins

The American economy, bolstered by a run of decent employment numbers and a party-in-the-USA third-quarter GDP pop, is finally beginning to show signs of health. While this good news didn’t arrive in time to help Democrats retain control of the Senate, it still technically qualifies as good news, because “the economy” is actually not just a thing that determines whether affluent politicians get to keep their seats. American taxpayers have endured much hardship since the 2008 financial crisis, and pretty much everybody, from career politicians to human beings, will be better off if the economy continues to improve.

Speaking of “pretty much everybody”: It’s worth remembering as we head into the new year that anyone — officeholders, pollsters, whoever thought it was a good idea to make a spaghetti sauce say “bae”anyone at all can make confident predictions about what the economy is or is not going to do. That doesn’t mean we have to pay attention each time. Here, we offer a greatest-hits tour of economic forecasts that did not exactly pan out, with a gentle suggestion that in 2015 we leave this kind of thing to the actual economists.

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Source: More Fitness

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