Robbie Williams: ‘I’ll rejoin Take That – with or without Jason!’

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Robbie Williams makes a U-turn, teasing that a 2021 (25th Anniversary!) TT reunion could be on the cards…

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Robbie Williams
Evening show, Day 2, 67th Sanremo Music Festival, Sanremo, Italy – 07 Feb 2017

When we received an invite to interview the one and only Robbie Williams about his new biography Reveal, we did more than just pinch ourselves. As any original ‘Thatter’ will understand, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a preview of the book to see what Rob really has to say about bandmates Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange.

And, more importantly, meeting Rob in person meant we could find out once and for all whether he’ll be joining Take That for 
a 25th Anniversary tour.

On February 13, 1996, Robbie turned 22, but it was also the date millions of Take That fans around the world will Never Forget (pun intended) – the day our favourite boyband split.

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Twenty-one years down the line and 
it’s good to see that the cheeky chap from Stoke had come full circle – from being in a hugely successful boyband followed 
by his own solo success, to marrying the love of his life, Ayda Field, with whom he has daughter Teddy, five, and 
son Charlie, three. After all, Everything Changes, right?

Hey Robbie, in your book you recall your proposal to Ayda on Christmas Day with four Queen playing cards…

I proposed to her on the exact same spot that I set eyes on her, which actually is a lie because that was Google, by myself.

What did you first think when you saw her on Google?

I thought she was really, really hot! Incredibly attractive and voluptuous… her personality surpassed her looks.

Are you romantic?

I have lacked on the romance front for a bit. If I said to you on your birthday, ‘Happy Birthday babe,’ gave you a kiss and flowers, would that suffice?

YES, if it was from you! Do you try to be romantic?

Of course. I’m very tactile. If we’re in the room together we’ll be touching – not in a suggestive way, but we’re all over each other all the time. That’s where I excel.

You say in your book that you never thought you’d be in a relationship or want a family…

There were the years where 
I was going around being a pop star , thinking, ‘Do I want to 
be in a relationship?’ and what was missing a lot of the time was a shared humour. Ayda is smarter than me and I’m just in awe of how she makes me laugh.

Did you think you were still destined to be single when you met Ayda?

Yeah, that’s why our relationship didn’t kick in straight away, because one 
of my …read more

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