Russia’s Adoption Ban Two Years Later

By Shai Baitel “International adoptions remain in effect, no one banned them. But these kinds of adoptions do not play a major role in solving the problem of underage orphans.” Thus spoke Olga Batalina, chairperson of the Russian Duma’s Committee for Labor and Social Policy a few days ago (as quoted in the government-owned news agency TASS), just in time for the second anniversary of a flat ban of on the adoption of Russian children by parents in the United States. What she said seems true and not true at the same time and is therefore in keeping with the Kremlin’s replacement of facts with disinformation.

In a withering New York Times op-ed [] on December 11, Peter Pomerantsev pointed out that the Russian government, led by President Vladimir Putin, aimed at controlling “all narratives, so that politics becomes one great scripted reality show,” pursuant to the idea that there was “no such thing as objective truth.” Moreover, Pomerantsev observed that, at the same time, this control over most Russian media sows division to disorganize “the enemy” (as well as the own population, one would want to add) through an information war.

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