Sport and Society for Arete-The Year

By Richard Crepeau As years go 2014 was an interesting one in sportsworld. Some might characterize it as depressing while others may look back on it as exhilarating. Whatever the case may be we know that at some point in the future we will look back on the year 2014 with nostalgia and/or perhaps a year of pivotal change. Maybe even historic, whatever that means.

Looking back on my year of commenting on sport it seems as if it was somewhat lean. Too much of this column was spent on crime, punishment, corruption and just plain stupidity. It was football, especially Roger Goodell, who occupied too much of my attention. Perhaps this is the result of having spent too much time over the past several years writing my history of the NFL. In fact I am beginning to worry that I am becoming obsessed by Roger Goodell and that he might begin to appear to me in my dreams, or worse just appear to me randomly.

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