The Alice in Wonderland world of the UN veto

By David Hearst So the New Year will dawn to another US and British veto at the UN security council – although, to its credit, not a French one. This ritual has become a fitting symbol of the West’s loosening grip over the Middle East. It reveals powers strong enough to interdict, but too weak to build anything durable in its place; powers which spurn the very Arab countries over Israel that are needed for the coalition against the Islamic State; and diplomacy which has made itself irrelevant. This is a spat between allies who believe in a two state solution. Most Palestinians have long since passed that point.

The UN motion on Palestinian statehood had been toughened to include East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State, prisoner releases, halting settlements, and setting a 12 month deadline for talks. But it was not tough enough for Hamas, which refused to accept a divided Jerusalem or wording which equivocates on the right of return.

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