The Latest GOP Debate Kicked Off In The Most Awkward Way

By Paige Lavender

RTX1TPVD-1024x720The beginning of Saturday night’s ABC News GOP debate could not have been more awkward.

Missed cues and a camera stare-down made for some painful moments. The moderators almost forgetting to introduce one candidate was more than painful.


Read the latest updates on the GOP debate below:

Donald Trump And Marco Rubio Miss The Mark On Discrimination

Republicans this election cycle don’t have a very good track record when it comes to speaking about religious and racial discrimination.

Donald Trump was asked a relatively straightforward question about police violence against people of color.

“There are many who argue that cell phones and smartphones are just now exposing what has been happening in this country for years — cases of excessive force against minorities,” the moderator said. “As you know, Mr. Trump, on the other side, the FBI director recently said there’s a chill wind blowing through law enforcement because of increased scrutiny. You have said police are the most mistreated people in America. As president, how do you bridge the divide?”

Trump acknowledged that a rift does exist between communities of color — mainly African-Americans and Latinos — and the police. But he stood by comments he had made previously about police being disrespected.

“I have to say that the police are absolutely mistreated and misunderstood,” he said. “And if there is an incident — whether it’s an incident done purposely, which is a horror, and you should take very strong action. Or if it is a mistake, it’s on your newscasts all night, all week, all month and it never ends.”

“The police in this country have done an unbelievable job of keeping law and order. And they’re afraid for their jobs,” he continued. “They’re afraid of the mistreatment they get and I’m telling you that not only me speaking [but] minorities all over the country, they respect the police of this country and we have to give them more respect.”

Trump then reiterated the basic premise of the “Ferguson Effect.” FBI Director James Comey coined this term when he attributed rising murder rates in some U.S. cities, like Baltimore and Chicago, to police officers acting cautiously because they were scared of the backlash that had followed an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown in 2014.

If the so-called Ferguson Effect existed, there would be more dead cops and streets would be less safe. But, in 2015, it wasn’t any more dangerous to be a police officer than it has been in the past.

When the moderator pointed out that Trump hadn’t answered the question, the candidate said families of people killed by police file lawsuits.

They sue,” he said. “Everybody sues, right?”

Later, Marco Rubio claimed that Muslim Americans don’t face discrimination and that President Barack Obama is to blame for Americans believing that.

“He continues to put out this fiction that there’s widespread discrimination against Muslim Americans,” he said. “First of all, let’s recognize this: If you go to a national cemetery in this country, you will see Stars of David and crosses, but you see crescent moons. There are brave men and women who happen to be Muslim Americans who are serving this country in uniform and who have died in the service of this country — and we recognize that and we honor that.”

The next stop on this long path of missing the point was, of course, talking about terrorism.

“But by the same token, we face a very significant threat of homegrown violent extremism,” Rubio continued. “We need to have strong, positive relationships in the Islamic communities in this country so they can identify and report this activity. Especially mosques, for example, that are participating not just in hate speech but inciting violence.”

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