Two Of This Year’s Best Film Scores Won’t Win Oscars

By Erin Whitney

With this year’s abundance of fantastic films also came a surplus of mesmerizing and poignant film scores. From Hans Zimmer’s epic “Interstellar” score to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ unnerving musical stylings for “Gone Girl” — not to mention the five films scored by composer Alexandre Deplat this year — there was undoubtedly a wealth of great music displayed on the big screen.

But two scores that stood out as the most innovative, sonically arresting and necessary to the films in which each featured are ineligible for Oscar consideration. Such was the fate of “Whiplash” and Birdman,” two films about the unraveling stability of performing artists that used jazz percussion-inspired scores to sharpen and amplify the internal mayhem. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences deemed each film too reliant on outside music to qualify.

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