Watch Michael Mann & Chris Hemsworth Explain ‘Blackhat’

By Christopher Rosen

For movie lovers, a new Michael Mann film is considered an event. Which is why the forthcoming release of “Blackhat” is so enticing and anticipated. Out Jan. 16, it marks Mann’s first feature release in six years. Co-written by Mann, the thriller focuses on a hacker (Chris Hemsworth) who, after being released from jail, helps American and Chinese law enforcement officials search for a cyber criminal. In a new feature, debuting exclusively here at HuffPost Entertainment, Mann and Hemsworth explain the timeliness of the film with the help from a few hacking experts (Christopher McKinlay, Michael Panico) and reveal the kind of training Hemsworth had to do in preparation to play a computer wizard. (And you thought lifting Mjolnir was hard!)

“Blackhat” is out on Jan. 16.

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