When You Look At The ‘Serial’ Facts, New Interview With Key Witness Is Totally Frustrating

By Sara Boboltz

Fans of “Serial” were given a bit of an epilogue on Monday: Jay Wilds, the state’s key witness in its case against Adnan Syed, agreed to an on-the-record interview. He spoke with The Intercept’s Natasha Vargas-Cooper about his version of events on the day Baltimore-area teenager Hae Min Lee was killed in 1999. (“Serial” host Sarah Koenig attempted, but failed, to convince Wilds to open up on the podcast.) Many agree Wilds might be the only one alive who knows what really happened that day — so has he finally set the record straight?

Well, not really. Wilds does give some important insights about the case. He explained his changing accounts of what happened as attempts to spare friends and family — namely, the grandmother he lived with — from any involvement in the case. Wilds told Vargas-Cooper that he didn’t trust the police at the time. Drug law enforcement was harsh, he explained, and he “had a lot more on the line than just a few bags of weed.”

The fact that Wilds’ story shifted so much has many “Serial” fans saying he wasn’t ever a credible witness. Now he’s given us a whole new timeline of the supposed events of that day. Here’s that new story compared to the facts we know.

Jay says: He went to the mall alone.
In Wilds’ newest version of events, Adnan was in his car with Jay instead of being at his last period of school. Jay suggested going to the mall to find a present for Stephanie, but Adnan said he has to “go do something,” and told Jay to drop him at school, letting Jay borrow his car and phone.

We know: At trial, Jay said he went shopping with Adnan.
Jay testified at the second trial that he and Adnan actually went to the mall together, and that he dropped Adnan off at school afterward, around 1 p.m. Adnan’s last period Psychology teacher made a note that Adnan arrived to class late, at 1:27 p.m. Adnan always claimed he never went to the mall with Jay.

Jay says: He went to Jenn’s house.
Jay told The Intercept he remembered going over to his friend Jenn’s to hang out after leaving the mall.

We know: At trial, Jay and Jenn both say he went to her house that afternoon.
Adnan’s phone log also documents a couple of calls to Jenn’s house, at 12:07 p.m. and 12:41 p.m., which make sense if Jay had the phone and wanted to see who was home. There are also a few incoming calls at this point, but unfortunately, the records don’t show us who they came from.

Jay says: Adnan probably wasn’t with Hae’s car at Best Buy.
Wilds told Vargas-Cooper that Adnan called him, said he killed Hae, and requested pick-up from Best Buy. Wilds then remembered driving a short way to Best Buy in Adnan’s car, where he found Adnan, who wasn’t with any car. Adnan apparently told Jay he killed …read more

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